• Jeffry Budiman

Smartven's new site launch

Hi, it's me Jeffry the co-founder and CEO of Smartven.

We are announcing our new website for Smartven.

For those of you who are not familiar with us, Smartven is a technology start-up company that specializes on developing Smart vending machine for Food and Beverage companies. In 2016 our co-founder Giri decided to build this company based on his frustration buying from a vending machine at the hospital while he was waiting for doctor's appointment at the hospital for regular check up with her wife for the new coming baby. Waiting for hours and out of options, he bought a couple of drinks with with cash and the machine kept on rejecting the notes. He thought that the machine was great, serving exactly what he needed there but unfortunately it could have been a much better experience if he could have used his Gopay instead. One year after that in 2017, Giri met one of his clients a multi national beverage company who was looking for a solution to market their products in hospitals. Giri remembered his experience a year ago and pitched for a smart vending machine idea to his client as a Direct-to-consumer channel that can display advertisements and dispense sample products to customer. The client decided to accept a trial proposal, and since then Smartven launched and grew from a couple of machines to 200 machines today in 2020.

Hopefully we will be able to provide better information and updates on our technology and solutions so more companies can use our Smart vending machines to bring their products closer to customer. Just like what Giri experienced a while ago.

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