Make Your Office a Smart Venue.
Monetize your foot traffic into profit

Great tasting. Fresh and healthy snacks. Sell a wide range of general goods or food and beverages. 

Serve hundreds of people daily without the need for a single sales person. The whole operation process could not be more convenient: you only need to plug in the machine, after which it's ready for use.

Now customers can use our vending machine to buy your products via mobile payment! GO-PAY, OVO, Shopee Pay, QRIS.

It's time to update your vending machine experience!

Vending Machine for Hospital
Welcome to the healthy vending machine powered by Smartven 

It lets the patients or customers self-purchase snacks, beverages, health and beauty products.

Make your hospital a 'smart' hospital by putting smart vending machines to the test.

Healthiest vending machine snack for hospital and clinics

Featuring healthy snacks and drinks. Dispenses cashless.

Vending Machine for Office & Factory

Empower Your Office, Making your life easier since 2017

Time is money. Automate and optimize vending with smart vending machines. Your Break Time, Your Way

There is no money in this vending machine. This is a joke – please start enjoying your snack.

Vending Machine for Apartments & Hotel

Introducing Marven, Your personal butler. Your home vending for everyone

Provides convenient, automated 24/7 food and beverage outlet at your place. It's easy to use.
Enjoy a snack at anytime you like.

Easily install smart vending machine in your apartment and hotels or any public place. Available for single or multiple locations.

Vending Machine for Gyms and Sport Center

Get an all-round solution to earn money for your gym or sports center from snacks and drinks.

We believe that healthy lifestyle and sport requires proper nutrition and hydration.

Display nutrition information, touch-less smartphone ordering system, quick dispensing served cold & fresh.



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